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The musical composition of Swan Song works as accompaniment and structure.

The soundtrack composed by us from score (Noteflight) and instrumental simulator (Ableton), in the same way we will use digital A.I. tools for sound and other human voice simulators such as Holly + (in fact the idea is to talk to Holly herself with whom we have already met and use her tool to take her computerised voice to the limit).


It will include pre-recorded sounds obtained from the archives of the archives of the collaborating institutions. These sounds will be integrated into the score and will be synchronised with the different beings of the film/installation. In the final edition, reverb and some effects will be added to improve and homogenise the musical track.


It will have  thematically and compositionally differentiated parts,

but the composition and structure of these parts, as well as the appearance of graphic elements will respond to previously established parameters, such as: temperature, time, audience.

In other words, the opera is conceived as an infinity, as a continuous creation. Not so much something in real time but a reaction to different factors. The hardware will respond to these factors by reproducing different musical and visual structures (different beings and sounds).


Ejemplo de composición realizada por Fito Conesa.


Fito Conesa
+ Miguel Leiria
+ Cor jove de l'orfeó catalá
(Palau de la música)



For the exhibition proposal at Espai 13, Fundació Miró, Barcelona, Fito created his own musical creation based on the figure and work of Arvo Pärt.

Written by Conesa but performed by the Portuguese musician Miguel Leiria, the piece was conceived to add a choir track. 

This choir track was constructed in a working session of the Orfeó Català Youth Choir, which, under the direction of Esteve Nabona, collectively gave voice to the score.

SWAN SONG spotify

List of audio tracks  as a inspiration for the soundtrack of SWAN SONG

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