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Fito Conesa + Siddharth Gautam Singh

Collaborations / Consultants

Residency at IRB.


When we heard about the call for applications, it was clear to us that the place to spend our artistic residency was the Barcelona Biomedical Research Centre (IRB). It is impossible to understand and even speculate about the ecosystemic future of our planet without paying attention to new viral, bacterial and microscopic locations. 


The first step, interviews with different experts to understand and analyse the microbial beings that exist, the new appearances and above all the ways in which they relate to each other, to hypothesise the aesthetics and the forms that the microelements preserved in the permafrost could take.

Then, from these conversations and analysis of situations, we would create an archive of images and 3D models from which to begin to feed our own A.I. and to be able to construct and give a visual and sound narrative to these new ecosystemic situations.


We would like to be able to carry out this residency in June.


For this project we have a small group of advisors who will help us to expand the archive that we create as well as to solve some technical and creative issues. We have direct contact with all of them, although we have not yet informed them so as not to raise expectations.


Olga Subirós

Architect and researcher


Albert Blancafort

Master organ builder,


Adrià Gil

Sound technician and A.I. researcher.


Claudia Schneider

Opera singer.

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